Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The festivities started out on Friday afternoon with costumes and a Ghost Walk at the kids' school. They begged me to come dressed up and in the spirit of things, so I pulled together this little number in a matter of minutes. It's amazing what you can do with a brown Crayola marker, pieces of wig hair, and a little Caro syrup.

It's also amazing how easy it is to gross your kids out and have them beg you to take off your costume and do something different.

So, the next day I changed my get-up, but Mick absconded with my idea and made it his own. Talk about gross.

That's right, ladies. I married for love.

But here are the real stars of the show:


Cleopatra and the Grim Reaper (with Avery the Pirate)

Grim Reaper and Jack Sparrow pre-parade.

Cleo with Felicity, the Monarch Butterfly

with Indi the Geisha

and, of course, there was Elvis (Logan)

Funkity Ann (Kerry) with Val Pal

The Geisha Girls and a couple of Ninjas (cousins, Auntie, their Grammy)

Scary brothers.

and the stunning hodge-podge

of Halloween Fright.


Anonymous said...

Uh wait a minute...is that?...could that be?...no...yes? a bit of your new living room in the background of one of those pictures????????????????????


Anonymous said...

You all look GREAT (even Mick, though, yes, you must have married for love). Your and Aub's make-up was perfect!
Must have been so much fun to parade and see all the costumes. My, the Giesha's were stunning!

Natalie N said...

Oh my word! Your wolverine costume was awesome, Anj! I can't believe the kids wanted you to take it off.

And what a great family photo! Aubrey's wig looks so great, and Dane...is he really old enough to be something scary? Wow. GREAT pictures. Mick better have won an award with that getup. You guys are unreal! :)

Anonymous said...

What in the world are you spocte to be.

LOVE DANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what are you suposta be mommy


Shelby Friesen said...

I really hope that Mick stuffed his stomach. Otherwise, that's a health issue.