Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My mom makes the best cornbread!

First Grade Homework Assignment:

1. You will choose one type of bread from around the world. Preferably the bread that has meaning for both you and your family. You may choose bread that has cultural meaning behind its use (i.e. tortillas are used in Hispanic communities and pita bread in Arabic cultures.) Or, choose bread that is used in religious ceremonies or other special family gatherings like Hanukah or Easter. Another suggestion may be bread that is a family favorite used daily or at other family occasions like barbecues or parties. The choice of bread is up to you.

2. You will use a worksheet to record the information and facts you need for a short oral presentation.

3. You will give a short oral presentation about the bread of your choice. You will need to create a display of some sort to use while presenting your bread to the class. The visual display is a tool to assist you while you present. A poster board may be used, but other formats are welcome, such as dioramas, mobiles, or class interactive games. You may want to bring in other items to help with your oral presentation (i.e. Halloween costumes, bread samples, ornaments, Easter candles, Thanksgiving pictures, a menorah, an American flag, or a New Year's Eve horn). Be creative and have fun!


Jiffy cornbread from a box, served with honey and a can of chili.

"My mom makes the best cornbread!"

Alas, she may have chosen bread in a box, but I do believe that this chick rocks!

Note: the sound's not very good, so turn your computer volume high. But even without great sound, you can see how well she knew her material and used her poster to guide her presentation. Way to go, Aubrey!


Anonymous said...


I'm looking forward to having a lunch of chili with corn bread and huney soon with you. You can help make everything. I'll help clean up afterward. OK?

Granddad Mike

Anonymous said...

Me too I want to do that too
Love Aubrey. I love you so much Granddad.

Danigirl said...

Keep it simple!

Go Aubrey!

Anonymous said...

Aubrey and Anjie,
Wow! Aubrey, your excitement and enthusiasm was seen in your video about corn bread, chili and honey. I've actually had that meal in Marin City.
I agree, IT IS YUMMY!
I wonder, Anjie, if a microphone on a long cord could be plugged into your camera. We increased the volume to max but had so much background noise it was difficult to hear sweet Aubs - got a word here and there but certainly caught her excitement and enthusiasm as mentioned above.
I look forward to you, Aubrey, making this meal for Granddad and me.
Have a lovely Christmas, celebrating Jesus' birth.

SFNielsens said...

What a little fancy pants! Loved the presentation and what she forgot to put was all that lovin' that only Mamma Anjie can put into the mix once it leaves the box. That is what makes it so delicious!