Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Music in the Fish Tank
Or, What Mom Thinks About When the Kids Are Gone For A Week

The bubbles rise. Water drips down. The fish swims low. He skims his belly against layers of pink rocks, all the same size as his eyes. He weaves his way through his plant, shimmying between the plastic stems, listening out of his fish ears – wherever and whatever those are – to the rhythmic trickle above him. Nosing his way along the edges, his fins and tail wipe at the glass. This fish swims a pattern known only to him – and, of course, to his friend, the ceramic carp blowing on the sax. For all his days, he’s under the same tones, the same melody, of that pleasant little trickle above.

I miss you, Dane and Aubrey. See you soon. XO, Mom


Anonymous said...

Somebody's missing her babies...

They will be home soon:)


Anonymous said...

oh, mom!

enjoy all that QUIET. enjoy it for me too.

i know how you feel though!

love you girl, ~kp

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and meaningful writing, Anjie. Soooooo much feeling in it.
Your kids were in good hands - thanks again for sharing them for a week.