Saturday, September 09, 2006

Excuses First, Updates Second

My computer monitor red-lined two weeks ago, so I've only been nabbing computer time on an occasional evening when Mick lets me use his laptop, or for fifteen minute stints at the library when I log on for all I'm worth. Additionally, we've had the start of the school year and out-of-town guests. (Those are two things I can appreciate though.)

Dane's thrilled to be at school. He loves bike riding to commute, playing at recess, and... being a SUPER STAR! To clarify, the teacher uses a 5 star ladder system to encourage or discourage various types of behavior. Everyone starts each day in the middle/third star and is moved up or down accordingly. Let's just say little Dane Reynolds has got it goin' on. Every single day he has been a Super Star, and one day he was the only Super Star in the classroom. That meant that on Friday, his teacher surprised him by having him stand up and go to the cupboard to pick out a prize for being the only student with two full weeks of Super Star status. You should've seen him run down the hill toward me after school yesterday with two huge gold star stickers on his green uniform shirt and a surprise in his backpack. When asked what it takes to be a Super Star, he said he had to be the "behavedest." That's my boy!

Other than that, he's reading and spelling all the time at home, always asking for a piece of paper to use with his pencil. I find little lists like: DISHS, UVINTOP, FLOR, VACUM, UVIN and BATHRM (after a particularly helpful day), or AUBREY, DANE, LUKE, CATE, CAT (when he's thinking about his sister, Star Wars, and who knows what else).

Aubrey's enjoying words too. Here's what she recently wrote: SIT, LIP, SIP (with a smiley face princess at the top of the little piece of paper). I think she's up to snuff with Dane, but she's laying low for now. She's adjusting well to Dane's day-long absences (8:15am-3pm). This week she had Grammy Jan here for paper dolls, and Monday she starts her classes at the Mill Valley Rec Center with Miss Jane again. She'll do a 10 to noon pre-school class and, on Mondays, noon to 1pm Yoga Bugs class, and on Wednesdays, noon to 1pm Twist class. That'll give her some good structured time, and it'll give me a good three hours of free time twice a week. Since she and I will commute there via trail-a-bike, I'll hang out somewhere nearby, starting or revising/polishing essays.

I went in on Thursday for a cleaning at UoP with Mick. My teeth feel gorgeous, slippery, sparkly. It was interesting to watch him think through processes-- like how he'll establish a pattern for himself for the teeth cleanings, or how he'll adjust the chairs and his arms to reach for certain parts inside the mouth, or, most importantly, how he'll hold his arms so he doesn't brush up on the chest of the female he's working on. (I caught him using my chest as an elbow rest once, but I think he knew exactly what he was doing.)

I'm pleased to report he has a gentle, confident manner at chairside and it's very clear that he's embarked on a fitting career. It's really exciting to see him working so hard at school (and at home).

Signing out.


bigshare said...

Anj: Computers can be so frustrating! (I don't know what red-line means, but I feel for you.)

Dane: What an exciting first two weeks of school. We are so glad you like it and are learning so much already. Congratulations on your awards!! We are so proud of you. We will be waiting to get a letter from you telling us all about school.

Aubrey: Lucky for you that Grammy Jan has been there to keep you company. She is so much fun, isn't she! Now you will get to start your classes at the Rec Center so you you will be really busy too. We want to know: "What is a Twist class?"

Mick: What a great report on your chairside manner...and all your hard work. Looking forward to hearing more about this year's challenges.

Anj: thanks so much for the update. Also, thanks for fixing the blog site. Much easier now. I got locked up a couple of times trying to do something else while waiting for everything to appear.

Love and miss you all, but glad that you are all busy and happy! Love, Mema & Poppa

KarenUrlie said...

This is such a fun update Anj, and I still feel that way even though I already heard about much of it via our phone conversation. What an exciting time for you as a family and for you each individually. It's really fun to watch you guys grow together. And you know what's coming up...??? 10-11-97 - 10-11-06...9 YEARS. HOLY LONG TIME Batman. It's a bit shocking really that this much time has passed, but no surprise at all that you are doing so well together. yay!

Please tell Dane and Aubrey and Mick that I am very proud of all the good things they're doing. And of course I'm especially proud of you my friend.