Friday, November 11, 2005

Pizza With Uncle Pat and Aunt Cindy before Our Flight that Night to Tacoma
Thursday, November 3

Busy but exciting day.
-Dane had his final soccer session in the morning.
-After lunch, the kids napped while I finished packing/loading the car.
-Aubrey had ballet class from 3:30 to 4.
-Went straight from ballet to downtown San Francisco in search of the waterfront Marriott.
-Picked up Mick's Uncle Pat and Aunt Cindy (celebrating their 20th anniversary, out from PA) after 20 extra minutes of cell phone help from Pat working from his snazzy collapsable pocket map of downtown--thank goodness...
-Drove to meet Mick at Pacific and walked a couple blocks to Dino's pizza joint on Fillmore.
-Aunt Cindy had Dane and Aubrey promise to write up Christmas lists so she could shop for them, especially since she wouldn't get the chance to shop San Francisco with Aubrey for Hello Kitty items. (Now Dane's talking astronaut doll stuff and Aubrey can't stop dreaming about the make-up Aunt Cindy mentioned!)
-Cindy multi-tasked at dinner. Between eating and drinking, she cuddled Aubrey on her lap and scratched Dane's back while he stood still next to her for several minutes.
-Pat took pictures and bounced Dane on his knee.
-Soon after dinner, we dropped Pat and Cindy off at the trolley station and then surprised ourselves by driving right past the Marriott on our way to the Oakland Airport for our 9 p.m. flight. (Oops.)
-Flew Oakland to Seattle.
-Jan picked the kids up at the SeaTac airport where I sent them away with a kiss; I headed off to my friend Karen's house at Phinney Ridge for the night.
-Mick snuggled into our bed in Sausalito, ready to "batch"(sic) it for the next six days.

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