Monday, August 22, 2005

Dane to Pacific with Dad
Dane was ready for Mick to take him to school on Saturday at 7 a.m. Mick wasn't quite ready though until 9, perhaps needless to say. Even prior to dental school, Mick hasn't been one for getting up at the crack of dawn voluntarily, but especially since dental school, this is the case. Weekdays, he's up until midnight-2 a.m. and then sets his alarm for anywhere between 5 and 6:30 the next morning. I try to stay up late or get up early with him, but that's very hard to do without the compelling fear of an exam hanging over one's head. In light of that schedule, on weekends it only seems appropriate for him to sleep in until at least 8 (especially since he's been studying late on weekends as well).

While Dane waited for Mick to get up, we packed their lunch (pb&j's as we knew he'd want to do, fruit, and string cheese) into Mick's lunch bag. Next, he picked out the exact shirt he wanted to wear (a green plaid one), shorts, socks and shoes. He also tried to put together some sort of badge and chain to wear around his neck.

His two hours at the school itself were spent in the lab working with play-doh next to Mick, watching a few dental tasks, and then eating lunch in the cafeteria. He was a very happy aspiring dentist when Aubrey and I came back to get him.

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